The Respectful Relationships Podcast tackles sensitive topics like consent, sexual assault, bullying, and more, aiming to raise awareness among high school students.

It emphasises understanding the definition of sexual assault and consent, promoting self-worth and respectful relationships.

Behind the podcast

As well as providing counselling, I co-host the Respectful Relationships Podcast, aimed at students in years 9-12.

From our conversations with school principals, students and teachers, we saw an overwhelming demand for sensitive topics revolving around sexual assault, consent, and dramatic impact on social media to be discussed in schools.

Below are the links to our Respectful Relationships Podcast episodes 1-5.

Respectful Relationships

The Respectful Relationships Podcast is a series of that sparks conversations about consent, sexual assault, family and domestic violence, bullying, harassment and social media. This podcast is bringing awareness to high School Students to help them understand how sexual assault is defined and when consent is consent. We want to encourage young people to develop a sense of self worth and engage in respectful relationship by identifying the attitudes and beliefs that are disrespectful.

The guests in each episode come forward to share their story in the face of judgement and fear of repercussions to clarify the definitions of rape, call out the culture of victim blaming, slut shaming and toxic masculinity. You can listen to these experiences privately and we hope it gives you the language to describe what you or someone you know may be going through, so you can receive the support you need.

If any of these episodes raises issues for you, we have included resources in the show notes and you are welcome to reach out to us at www.respectfulrelationshipspodcast.com.au.


Your hosts are

Caroline Speakman

Caroline Speakman is a Trauma & Bereavement Counsellor who assists clients in building resilience and finding a new normal in their lives.

Gina Haramis

Gina Haramis is a licensed conveyancer who has seen disrespectful relationships in her line of work and has been impacted by one.

Season 1 - Respectful Relationships